Merilee A. Kern, Motivational Speaker

A serial SurThriver who shares her compelling story with others to inspire and uplift

"Whether overwhelmed with the chaos of everyday life or facing extreme adversity, you must dig deep to tap your inner well of strength, resolve, and tenacity needed to stay the course…and come out
on the other side better than ever."

Speaking Topics/Programs:

--Mastectomy Mayhem: Hissy Fits, Hilarity & Humility from the Front Line

--The Previvor Approach: The Power and Perils of Choice Regarding Hereditary BRCA-Based Beast & Ovarian Cancer

--SurThriving: Digging Deep to Stay the Course and Triumph Over Adversity

--Turning Chaos into Clarity: Tapping Inner Strength, Resolve & Tenacity

Merilee Kern is no ordinary
motivational and cancer speaker!

Her powerful story inspires men and women to triumph over adversity and turn chaos into clarity!

Merilee Kern is a 21st Century renaissance woman: a savvy entrepreneur, media personality, author, journalist, publicist, athlete, health advocate and proud single soccer mom. She is also BRCA1 gene positive, putting her at a sharply increased, near guaranteed risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer.

When Merilee learned the gene she carried made a breast and/or ovarian cancer diagnosis in her future more likely than not, Merilee bravely opted to take preventive action and have a prophylactic double mastectomy, bilateral oophorectomy and hysterectomy to take her near certain risk of developing one or both cancers down to almost zero. This as she was mid-divorce and as her mom was losing her own cancer battle.

A serial SurThriver, Merilee has emerged stronger than ever, and now shares her compelling story with others to inspire and uplift. Her program also provides important information about the BRCA gene, including testing and other life-saving decisions related thereto.