Merilee A. Kern, Motivational Speaker

A serial SurThriver who shares her compelling story with others to inspire and uplift

"Whether overwhelmed with the chaos of everyday life or facing extreme adversity, you must dig deep to tap your inner well of strength, resolve, and tenacity needed to stay the course…and come out
on the other side better than ever."

Speaking Topics/Programs:

--Mastectomy Mayhem: Hissy Fits, Hilarity & Humility from the Front Line

--The Previvor Approach: The Power and Perils of Choice Regarding Hereditary BRCA-Based Beast & Ovarian Cancer

--SurThriving: Digging Deep to Stay the Course and Triumph Over Adversity

--Turning Chaos into Clarity: Tapping Inner Strength, Resolve & Tenacity

Shop in the "BRCA Believer" Store

Merilee Kern has launced the "BRCA Believer" apparel and merchandise line to raise awareness about the availability of, and accessibility to, genetic testing as it relates to hereditary breast and ovarian cancer, about the implications of being BRCA gene positive, about the extraordinary power of choice that accompanies a BRCA positive diagnosis, and the importance of celebrating those who have made brave, difficult choices in relation.

A portion of each sale is donated to nonprofit organization(s) devoted to improving the lives of people and families affected by hereditary breast and/or ovarian cancer.

“While breast and ovarian cancer awareness apparel and merchandise abounds in the marketplace, this novel line fills the advocacy void specific to those individuals and families impacted by a genetic predisposition to these conditions as a BRCA gene carrier, and the power of choice one has related thereto,” said Merilee. “This line is intended to unify, empower, encourage and amuse those affected by hereditary breast and ovarian cancer, either as a ‘previvor’ having taken preventative action, a ‘surveillor’ keeping mindful watch, or as a ‘surthriver’ amid a diagnosis. I also hope the line will help inform society at large about the availability and importance of gene testing so that individuals can benefit from the gift of knowledge such genetic testing brings.”

“We eagerly donated time and resources to create exclusive flagship ‘BRCA Believer’ designs, including the brand’s core logo, given the intention of this line to help drive awareness regarding options individuals have for fighting and even thwarting hereditary breast and ovarian cancer,” said Neil Hoynes, CEO of Ripple Junction. “We applaud Merilee Kern’s efforts, as the founder of this line, to leverage fashion as a way to drive greater visibility for the multitude of life-saving choices one can make with respect to these inherited gene-based cancers.”

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